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Blount Street Commons and the Pell Street River

My Blount Street Project page is partly about my fascination with all construction sites – this one being across my street is particularly convenient.  Moving houses is always fun to watch.  This large imposing structure just made it’s move.  But we are obviously watching for the pros and cons of this project with respect to our own interests.  The Pell Street River is a big “current” concern.  It was given that name by our children as they played years ago in the large rainwater flows that gush down our tiny side street after a big rain.  With the new drainage system (at the front end, at least) and the large exposed areas of red clay, we knew there might be problems.  I have written a story on the Blount Street page about the problem.

Pell Street River descends

Below are a few more house moving images.  It sure is fun to watch.  Progress is a back and forth thing!


where it came from
where it came from

(pictures click to enlarge)

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Welcome to Raleigh Rambles (under construction!)

This is the highly impulsive but long contemplated start of a personal blog after joining one as an arts writer and starting one as a nature writer.  I’ve been wanting a wide open space to throw things up, and today I wanted to toss up this size 72!  Epistemology, Noam Chomsky, Coleridge, SF and much much more will surely follow.


I just posted at RDUwtf about Rodney Marsh’s new space on Person Street.  This is a photo that didn’t run in the post – so I had to share it here.  Size 72!


Marsh Woodwinds has some very interesting spaces upstairs from the music shop.

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