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John Dancy-Jones at large!

CAM staying alive at Moore Square Museum Magnet

Lee Moore presents

Lee Moore and Nicole Welch conduct an afterschool program each year at Wake County’s Moore Square Museum Magnet Middle School.  CAM, Contemporary Art Museum, has sponsored art programs associated with the school “since its first conception,” said Welch at the recent culminating event for the program.  It was held at the Raleigh City Museum, which was the perfect venue.  Amidst large images of Raleigh’s history, the young students got up in front of a good crowd of parents, friends and artsy fartsies like me, and described their efforts at coming to grips with the real history of Moore Square, essentially part of their schoolyard, and also the ways in which downtown Raleigh operates.  They shared research photographs, artwork and tales about the urban history surrounding Moore Square.   The Raleigh trivia game they conducted was a riot, and it’s clear that Lee Moore has found a wonderful venue for her wonderful mix of interest and talents.  Lee has enriched the Raleigh art scene in so many different ways, with her music, her art, her studio, curating and promoting art through Rebus Works, participating in global art exchanges which have brought fascinating and important art workers into the area – and so much more.

Lee Moore, artist and educator, speaks at the Raleigh City Museum

Lucky kids.  And lucky CAM, which has used programs such as this to maintain a presence and demonstrate viability during its long hiatus as a public space.  Hopes are high with the new director, who says work to bring the West Street building up to code will begin soon.  NewRaleigh just posted on the most recent design plans.

Below is the window display at the Raleigh City Museum in the old Briggs building on Fayetteville Street.

The visual products of the program are on display at several locations in downtown.



 Way to go, Lee, Nichole, and Luke!  hang in there, CAM!




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