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taintradio hits the netwaves

Out of Raleigh to the world, indeed.  Do yourself a favor and go to taintradio.org, download itunes if you don’t have it, listen to taintradio for a few hours, and prepare to be transformed.  This is radio as it should be, probably as it never has been.

Welcome to taintradio.org. We are an alliance of independent, unpaid volunteers dedicated to presenting music on the Internet 24/7. There is no format, there is no “target audience.” Each program host presents only what they want to present.

Bob Rogers and Dave Tilley have begun a revolution, and it is going great!  They have a workable infrastructure in place and wonderful, wonderful contributors (including themselves).  I promise you will be amazed – and have not one friggin’ idea as to what might be coming next.  Not to imply it’s a random jumble.  It’s just fascinating revelations, one after another, as to what is out there that you haven’t heard and are so glad to be hearing.

Bob is an old friend whose book, Non-Fiction Poems, I published in 1985.  He has been in and out of professional radio for many decades, though he has been processing word data since arriving in Raleigh over twenty years ago.  He once drove Buck Owen’s Cadillac around for a spell as part of a give-away promotion.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg of his radio industry stories.  Dave Tilley has the substantial tech chops to make this thing work, but also has a broad set of interests and has been running a stage at the (upcoming) Festival for the Eno for a while.  The two of them have been plotting this thing for years.  Bob’s predilection is the midnight to six audience – he volunteered weekend overnight shows at WSHA for years.  Dave has been hosting a roots music radio show for 18 years.  Now the two of then have undertaken what really does amount to a major new format for providing listener supported radio.  Please check it out.

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