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White Squirrel Update

So I start this blog just as I’m furiously finishing my school year.  Before I know it, time for a 6 day Env. Ed. teachers camp in Brevard, home of the white squirrels. I get back, and my nature blog’s been attacked by a robot hack and has to be rebuilt. Take care of that and promptly get sick.  Rare visit to the doctor, start my Z-pack, and it’s time for the week of full time teaching at Artspace I’m in the midst of.  So that’s why I didn’t tell you sooner,


Stammer is a wonderful, quirky, imfamously late-running, over-packed event that very much follows in a direct line of downtown open mike traditions reaching back to The Paper Plant.  Mz Julee, seen below, ministers to a fervent and incredibly diverse cast of performers.  Stammer has seen experimental music, health department sex ed films, a massuese interspersing his body work with poetry, break dancers, and along the way a few poets.  The audiences are usually large and appreciative.  The open mike runs late in the event, but always has pleasant surprises. Doors open at 8 o’clock – an early start that will be part of Artspace’s “First Friday after July 4th” event, which is being celebrated by several other galleries, such as Adam Cave and Flanders.

I can’t wait to get back to health and time to write – it’s been a great early summer for art.  Susan Toplikar opened a fantastic show consisting mostly of a deconstructed notebook of bird drawings, her husband Mike Cindric has a fascinating new structure at the Art Museum, and Artspace has an interesting artist in residence working on an installation to open later this summer.  I should mention that Grimenesa Amoros had a show in Miami extended to August 31.  Images of her work and more about all of the former will come soon.


        And if you want more of the white squirrels, you’ll have to check Raleigh Nature – after I get caught up!!

the white squirrel post
and picture album

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