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Flat Tire Delays Blount Street Move


As I post this, the 350 ton house being moved from Wilmington to Blount Street is sitting in the road, stranded by a tire blow-out that created a sound heard for blocks.  A large crowd is on hand as National Geographic films the event.  Workers are developing a plan to winch up that corner of the house and replace the tire, which is deemed necessary before further progress can take place.

crowd watches preparation for next shift

crowd watches preparation for next shift

sliding down on to Blount Street

sliding down on to Blount Street


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 Follow Up

   The picture above is this massive house while west of Blount Street.  Below it is safely parked in its future lot east of Blount.  The move took a couple of hours longer than planned.  We were sitting inside our house on Person Street when we heard a huge sound – not the tire blowing out but the lurch/shift of the house afterward.  I had been going back and forth all morning and missed being on the scene.  Once they got the tire replaced and got the house safely across Blount they started moving the smaller green house to its position on Person next to the Murphy School (along with 2 other previously moved structures).  The final picture of that move was taken at 3PM this Saturday afternoon.  A long day for Blake House Movers of Greensboro, a long wait for the utility workers waiting to restore the lines along Blount – and a circus of a morning for Oakwood residents, assorted vendors, and the ever present representatives (with brochures) from the Blount Street Commons development.


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  1. Great shots of the moving monument, John. I was standing about thirty feet from the house when the tire blew. It pretty much freaked everybody out, and I was fully expecting disaster to ensue! Luckily, none of the men under the house assisting in the move were injured, and the house remained upright. The crowd all cheered when the workmen with the spare showed up on the scene. Watching them change a tire under a 250 ton house was almost as intriguing as the move itself!

    Comment by Karl | August 24, 2008

  2. It is always amazing to see house moving and i also once moved my house. you can see the picture of the move in http://wolfehousebuildingmovers.com/.

    Comment by Harmon | September 3, 2008

  3. I just saw the video of that move

    Comment by Harmon | September 10, 2008

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