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Lt. Walsh Anniversary Celebration Reaches 25 Years

decorated grave

A group of mostly old friends gathered yet again to honor the memory of Lt. Walsh, whose grave in Oakwood Cemetery marks a unique aspect of Raleigh’s history. Raleigh’s near destruction by and survival of Sherman’s march, Spring’s eternal hope, and pure Southern spirit are all embodied in this private ceremony, celebrated for 25 years this one. The anniversary of Lt Walsh’s hanging by federal troops after his potshots at them while entering Raleigh reaches its 150th year in 2015.  hope to see you there! It is always worthwhile. Thank you, Karl.

Karl decorates grave

Karl decorates the grave

Chloey reads the story of Lt Walsh

Chloe reads the story of Lt Walsh


Goodnight Raleigh’s post on Lt Walsh

Another fascinating Civil War Raleigh item from Goodnight Raleigh

News & Observer Lt Walsh story (Josh Shaffer)

Ernest Dollar’s story about Walsh on Raleigh Public Record

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  1. Where is Richard Craven now?I was in school with him at WCU and have one of this prints that I love.

    Comment by Jan Lee | February 7, 2016

  2. Richard has not contacted me since a mail art show of his work exhibited at The Paper Plant, my bookstore in 1989-90. I believe he is still in Carbondalle, IL. He currently has work in display at Lump in downtown Raleigh with a nice bio and description.
    Black Holes by Richard C. The exhibition will run from February 5 – 27, 2016

    Comment by raleighnaturalist | February 13, 2016

  3. […] prominent in Oakwood Cemetery, and Karl Larson, a fervent local historian, made adorning his grave a special and sometimes large event every April 13th for over 25 years. David’s portrait was used in the elaborate brochure made […]

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