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David Larson’s Signs and Panels

Bill Hickman, a wonderful chef of Rathskellar fame, had David make this. The other signs were made for the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, where David worked for some years and where he gathered materials for his “Outsider Art.”

from Susan C


from Viki B


from Dierdre S



from Alan B


from Karen R


from Sasser Street


from Susan C



from Alan B


from Alan B


from Mary R


from Peter L


from Peter L


from Randy A


These last signs are a few David made for the Veggie Bar, which Art Deco operated off of Tryon Road.

from Mary McV


from Art D


David Larson Art webpage

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Larson: Small Press and Zine Illustration

from an early Paper Plant publication

David illustrated several of The Paper Plant’s chapbooks, as well as for Peloria Press (Jim Shell and David Kelly) and the recently published book The Orphan by Dave Wilson. He was a major artist for Scream, the most important creative magazine of its day in Raleigh. His covers inaugurated zines by both Margaret and  Lee Johnson. His band poster work led into fertile ground as the “Mr Creative” of the Rollywood Funny Papers. His pastels graced the covers of the seed catalogs published by the late Russell Boone, publisher of Scream. Any publisher or writer was thrilled to be blessed by his work.



original sketch



Scream Magazine, published by Russell Boone,  issued 7 volumes.



Scream # 2

Scream #2 back



Below is an illustrated story in Scream by David Weaver. He was a close friend and part of the amazing Larson cadre from ECU, so the story itself is also imaged.



from Randy A – Boone’s Seeds original


from Kim B (original)


Larson’s work for Russell Boone’s Seed company is archived at Alternating Crimes.


from John DJ – S. Lifestyle original




self-published chapbook by ECU friend Roger Lell

Cannibal love

Cannibal picnic

Macho Cannibal

Suicidal Cannibal

Missionary Cannibal

Catholic Cannibal


David illustrated and lettered a flyer for the Artspace show Hats, Masks & Headgear. The exhibition involved several friends of David who had formed a weekly writing workshop.


In 2018 Susan Crane and Neal Hutcheson published posthumously The Orphan by Dave Wilson, a Raleigh musician and writer who is as beloved and missed as David. The novel was originally published in blog form, early in that format’s history. David had done the illustrations long before the final publication.

Orphan interior illustration


David Larson Art webpage

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