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John Dancy-Jones at large!

David Larson Figurines

from Cheryl P

After his house burned down, David became something of a self-styled Outsider Artist, and his wondrous little creations made many people very happy to get them.


from Phil L



from Marlys de A


from Karen R


from Cheryl P


from Bill H


from Maryls de A


from Faye L


from Faye L


from Faye L


from Randy A


from Bob A



from Alan B



from Matt N


from Shonna G


from Mary R


from Kim B


JDJ’s 50th in a Ron R. bpx


from Michele L S


Voo-doo Heads


from Bill H



from Kim B – a pin


from Art D


from Art D


from Cara DJ


from John DJ


from Alan B

David Larson Art webpage

January 17, 2022 - Posted by | art, David Larson

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