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John Dancy-Jones at large!

David Larson Oils and Works on Wood

from Ginny W P



John DJ


John and Cara wedding gift


from Debbie B


from Debbie B


from Phil Larson


from Tommy L – a fav of Karls – 50″x33″


from Mark H

He gave Mom and I this great painting for a song, after turning down a lot more for it at Easy Street one night, where it was hanging in Jim’s office. Madelyn only allowed it on the wall when I was in town. I had to wrap it in a sheet and hide it behind the sofa when I left. That went on for years.
Thanks David Larson.


from Leatha Koefler   Juvenile Duds


from Sasser Street


from Sasser Street


from Sasser Street


from Mike R (via Dierdre)


from Nina F


from Mary R


from Mary R


from Debbie B


                        from Carly L, David’s niece


                 from Carly L


                from Carly L


                from Carly L


from Debbie B


from Alan B


from Alan B


from Pat M


from Dawn C


snapshot to upgrade


from Viki B St. Cecilia


Only this painting survived from the paintings in the burning house


David Larson Art webpage

January 18, 2022 - Posted by | art, David Larson

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  1. […] Max Halperen reviewed the major retrospective of Davids work held at The Paper Plant. The poster below shows a list of friends, fans and organizations that loaned their beloved Larsons for the show,which contained 108 pieces.. There were also works for sale, including several large oils – the one poorly imaged in the article is at the top of the oils post. […]

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