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John Dancy-Jones at large!

Larson: Drawings, Prints & Other

from Pat M

from Lucy I

from Debbie B

from Kim B

from Richard B

from Debbie B

from Alison T

from Danny G

from Ian B

from Cheryl P




from Johnny B “Ghost of Uncle Sam”

from David N

from Michele L S


from Sasser St. – migraine illustration


from Lori R McC

from Lori R McC




from Randy A

from Ginny W P

from Ginny W P

from Matt Neel

from Sasser Street

from Sasser Street

from Bill H and Pat M (magnet)

from Alan B

from Alan B

from Susan C

from Matt N

from Kim B – bookmark


from Matt N


from Matt N


Sasser St bookmark doodles

from Alan B: As all his friends know, David loved to doodle, on any piece of scrap card stock or paper. These are very small images he xeroxed a bunch together before sticking a few into books as markers at Cameron Village Library for a lucky person to find later.


Another interesting way David “published” his work was stickers, made from mostly bio portraits or Muerto Dia images and distributed to friends and on signs around town.  Click below th see a selection.

Stickers & the DEL Commie File


from Kim B – bookmark


printmaking plate from ECU days


collaboration with Marek Bireline

Alan B FB post with Larson/Bireline collabs

David N and David L draw each other


doodles from the Cutler Street Grocery phase









Below are 4 of the original pieces that came from Karl’s house on Cox Avenue to be shown at the original tiny location of the Paper Plant Bookstore on Salisbury Street in downtown Raleigh.

from Doug J


from John DJ

This lovely gal, a paper cut-out, came out of the closet in the Park Ave. apartment (by the I-Hop) during the final party before destruction of that house. Everyone graffiti=ed all the walls – David had already lettered this out in the hall “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

David Larson Art webpage

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